Achieve Financial Freedom

Can you retire with enough income to live comfortably for the rest of your life?

Take control of your financial future. Define the best path toward your financial goals while getting professional advice and transparent guidance from a trusted financial partner.

Available on iOS App Store.


1. Get an invitation to wealthpilot from your trusted financial partner


2. Download the app from the Apple App Store 


3. Create your personal profile


4. Select up to three (3) financial goals


5. Safely import financial data


6. Take a quiz to assess your risk level


7. Understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow


8. Schedule a meeting with a financial advisor

Your data is protected, we do not resell or keep it, and you can always delete your account.

See when you will reach Financial Freedom based on your goals and all your liquid and illiquid assets. The app will allow you to see when you will reach your financial goals in real-time.

Want to reach your Financial Freedom earlier? Want to reach your financial goals sooner? The app offers suggestions on how you can 'win back years'.

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Conveniently schedule an appointment with a financial advisor in the app and start the road to Financial Freedom.


wealthpilot® automatically analyzes and plans for all types of assets and liabilities, giving you a holistic overview of your wealth and portfolio, while enabling to define and achieve your financial goals, with the support of professional advice and guidance from your potential advisor or advisory firm.

Located in New York, US and several locations in Europe, wealthpilot® is one of the leading providers of cloud-based software for hybrid wealth management, delivering a digital infrastructure for the personal wealth advisory of the future.

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